Boise State’s New Football Uniforms Are Here!

Bryan Harsin and the Boise State football program released new football uniforms for the upcoming season on Thursday morning. They were billed as a “tweak” on the former look the school had worn in the last few seasons.

“Let me just say this, the uniforms you’re about to see, there are also opportunities to build off those in the future.” Harsin said to open things up.

“The design of it is going to be based on our program.”

“And Nike has the best, most elite uniforms in college football and the NFL.”

Harsin said that they were planning on debuting this new model for the uniforms last season, “and then Nike said ‘hey, we’re going to have the brand new ones, a new chassis, a new design, this whole new high-tech material that you guys can have in 2017.’ And for us it made sense, ‘hey let’s wait another year and let’s get what the NFL guys are going to wear.'”

He added that Boise State was part of a small, select group of schools the were getting this new template of uniform by Nike.

“I know the NFL is going to that, and some teams already have it, but as far as just what the guys are wearing it’s the best there is, and that’s the most important… If you ever wore a football uniform you know when you have a bad one and you know when you have a good one.”

“I think the first thing that stands out is the stripes on the side, it’s the biggest difference.”

Harsin said they first showed the uniforms to the players on Monday night.

“And it starts, you notice on the orange and the white, you got the blue collar. You look at the blue and the orange and the blue collar is what stands out. That was one of the most important things to us and as we talked to Nike, ‘Hey, this is what our program is really founded on, this blue-collar mentality,’ so we wanted to add that, we wanted to add the blue collar into the uniform somehow, some way.”

Harsin said everybody liked the “blue collar” idea so much that they decided to put the words “blue collar” on the back, inside the actual collar.

“No one’s ever going to see (it), but our guys and our program, we know what that means.”

“Next was the ‘Boise State’ on the front… we felt like, going through, putting this together, that ‘Boise State’ was the most important thing.”

In the past “Boise State” was displayed on the program’s helmets so their was no need to have the words displayed on the front of the uniforms. “We don’t have ‘Boise State’ on the helmet (anymore). We have just our logo on the helmet and so we decided to put Boise State back on, or keep it on the uniforms (the old orange uniforms did not have “Boise State” on the front).”

Harsin added that the reason for keeping the words “Broncos” down the legs on the pants was that it meant “horse power” to the team.

In the past decade-plus Boise State has really exploded onto the national scene and competed with some of the elite programs in the country. Harsin said that Nike incorporated the two stripes on the shoulders of the uniforms to signify “speed” and “power.”

“Speed of our program and the ascension of our program and the power with the program, and that was the thought behind the stripes when they put it together, they told this story of speed, power, they also talked about speed, power within the player as well… And so we liked that, we thought that was cool for our guys, we thought it made sense as a player just as an athlete.”

Boise State will be sporting orange uniforms for the first time in over four seasons when they pull them out next year. One of the more noticeable and welcomed changes to the threads, an up-to-date template for the team’s orange jersey, will match the rest of their jerseys for the first time since Kellen Moore was behind center.

“This will be the first time, there’s three guys in our team room that have actually worn orange jerseys. Alright, so 98% of our team has never worn an orange jersey. So this will be completely new.”

Harsin said his team would be wearing the orange threads at home on occasion and they’re also going to mix and match different color combinations.

The white jersey stood out the most to Harsin and it has the loudest accent of any of the three renditions with a really-thick blue collar contrasting with the rest of the white uniform.

“The feel is obviously completely new from what it was before.”

The uniforms are Nike’s “Vapor-Untouchable” model that was debuted in the 2016 Pro Bowl and were also used for the NFL’s “Color Rush” promotion on Thursday nights last year.

“Oregon was able to debut it in a bowl game a year-and-a-half ago and there are… a select few college teams, along with us that will be using it this fall,” said Boise State Assistant Athletic Director for Football Brad Larrondo.

“The things you notice about the uniforms, basically it’s a stretch-woven material, there’s seamless fronts and shoulders and then there’s laser perforation used throughout the entire uniform.”

Nike was able to consult with current football players that were going to be wearing this template during it’s design and emphasized speed, comfortability, fit and durability.

“Basically you look a the front chassis, most uniforms that you currently see have somewhere around twenty panels, this one has five panels and what that does is it allows kind of a shrink-fit to kind of go around the players body, (so there’s) less to grab-on to if you’re the opponent.”-Brad Larrondo

The breathability areas on the uniform are made through laser perforations and not the traditional mesh which will allow for the entire uniform to maintain the same shade and color when players sweat.

The stretch-woven material of these new uniforms allow it to weigh about 20% less than a normal uniform at about 1.25 pounds, or 20 ounces.

“It’s the lightest uniform that is out there on the market.” -Brad Larrondo

The new uniforms also include a ventilation neck-grill and will allow skill-position players to play belt-less and the big guys to wear a thinner, lighter belt.

The tops have different colored stripe-combinations depending on the main color of the jersey so Boise State and Nike decided not to put striping on the pants in order to allow them to match the jersey’s if the program decided to mix-and-match colors on the top and bottom during game day.

“Right now it was about our true-colors, the blue, the orange, really we wanted to get an orange.”

Harsin said these will be the three main uniforms but their is plans for a black-rendition down the road.

We really felt like the three main colors, blue, orange, and white were the most important, really just getting back to that.

“The new combination this year that you’re going to see is the orange… were going to have that at some point this season, and that will be new, and that’s going to be probably the biggest difference and I think when our players… look at the blue, they know the blue, they know the white, they like the white, they like the blue, they like the stripe, it pops and that’s one of the best away uniforms I’ve seen. It’s strong, it’s clean which is what we were going for, but the orange is going to be something completely different… We’ll stick with these mainly, we’ll have the black uniform available, when we use that I have no idea.”

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