Derek Carr’s Excited For What The Raiders New Offense Could Look Like

Derek Carr spoke to the Media on Monday on a wide verity of topics, and there was obviously an offensive theme to much of the discussion.

Carr was intrigued by how the offense could change under new Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing but isn’t too concerned about an overhaul. “That’ll be really interesting,” he said adding that he thought offensive terminology might change if only a little bit.

“That’ll be easier to see when we go through the preseason, cuz right now it’s pretty much the same for everyone in the league… trying to watch the cut-ups, everyone’s trying to get in football shape and those kinds of things so right now it’s a little different and as we get closer to the preseason and the game-planning type things.”

I think then you’ll get his feel you’ll get more of his spin on things as that time comes, but as of right now it’s just like ‘hey, here’s the plays’ it’s not like we’re scraping everything, cuz we’re not, we had great stuff, Musgrave’s a great coach, he had great plays, we’re not throwing all that stuff away but as coach Downing would say we’re just going to turn things here and change the little things here and just whatever we can do to get better and just keep going forward.”

Derek also said he’s “absolutely” been talking with currently-retiered running back Marshawn Lynch. “He’s one heck of a football player and I hope to play with him, but again I’m focused on the guys that are here today.”

D.C. is only concerning himself with things he can control at the moment with so much going on in Oakland with offensive turn-over and the team’s pending relocation to Las Vegas. “And you know I can’t say ‘Oh, I hope he gets here’ Of course, anyone would want Marshawn Lynch. You know, any quarterback in the NFL, it doesn’t matter who you have behind you,” he said before adding that he is presently satisfied with the team’s current stable of Running Backs.

“You always need more good players. But with that said, I’m focused on who’s here, I want to take this group and win a Super Bowl with this group that’s here. And as we add pieces we’ll hug ’em up and bring em in just as a family and treat them the same way that we do with all of our other teammates.”

Carr also touched on one of the new weapons Raiders’ General Manager Reggie McKenzie plucked for him in free agency in Tight End Jared Cook.

“(I love) his versatility. He can block which is kind of underrated but he’s also very fast, and to have that speed at Tight End, you know to pair him in groupings with (fellow Raider Tight End Lee Smith) to pair him in groups with (fellow Raider Tight End Clive Walford) to pair him in groupings with all of our backs and fullbacks, it’s just going to create mismatches, create matchup nightmares for defenses, and that’s an exciting thing.”

D.C. went on to say that when adding a guy like this to the roster he looks to see if there’s a need and a fit first. “It’s just another good player that wanted to come play with us. Now when we go 12-personel with Clive and Jared and our two receivers (Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree) and running back or fullback out there on the field, those aren’t easy match-ups for people to cover.”

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