Derek Carr Dishes on His Contract Extension, Being Drafted in the Same Class as Khalil Mack

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr spoke to the media on Monday about his upcoming contract extension and being drafted in the same class a Khalil Mack.

“I like to be involved in my business, I really do.” he said.

“Not to the extent where I’ll say ‘don’t do this or do that,’ I don’t know that stuff, I’m not going to pretend. That’s why I have my agent you know.”

Carr said he and his agent have had great communication with Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie. “You know they’ve been talking about this for months, building it and how they wanted to do it.”

“For me, I understand now that it’s a part of the game, forever I’ve been ‘I just want to play ball, I don’t care about that.’ Now I’m understating that that has to get done so maybe I should care about it.”

Carr learns a lot from his agent about the salary cap, “It’s a lot of numbers, it’s over my head.” But he added the communication with both sides has been great.

“They know exactly where they’re at, what they’re trying to do, we let them know exactly where we’re at, what we’re trying to do. It hasn’t been hard, it’s been easy. Reggie sat me down and talked to me, it’s not like some divide or anything, we’re a family so we’re just trying to figure all that out.”

Carr says both his camp and McKenzie want to get the deal done after the draft but “they’ve been talking a little bit to build (the deal).”

“I’ll let them handle that. Hopefully it just gets done before training camp, because once training camp starts I won’t even answer my phone if it has to do with that.”

“…to throw a ball. It makes me just super grateful I know (my new deal is) going to help a lot of people, I get overwhelmed by it because I know how many people that’s going to help, not only in my family, my wife’s family, you know around this country, even in Haiti I have a heart for those people… who I love dearly, and it’s just, that’s the cool thing to me is that we’ll be in the position to where we can help a lot of people.”

Derek was also asked if he feels fortunate to have been taken in the second round in the same draft as Oakland All-Pro and Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack.

“Oh yeah, absolutely, I think my brother actually said it as I was getting ready for the draft ‘Does Derek want to be the first overall pick, you better believe he does but if it doesn’t work out that way and maybe he’s a second round pick and they’re able to get a better player before, I think that he’d be good with them getting better,’ and it worked out that way.”

“Absolutely, you can ask all the other quarterbacks, I’m sure they’d want Khalil on their team too. Like I said when we played pool basketball and he gave me that one-arm shiver a couple times and it wasn’t fun, so I’m glad it worked out the way that it did.”

Carr was then asked if he and Mack had raced in the last year.

“No we haven’t raced. He tried to test me when I was on my scooter, but I was having no part of that, but we have not raced yet. I feel this offseason might be a good time to settle that.”

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