Derek Carr Dishes On His Leg Injury

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr spoke to the media on Monday about his recovery from his broken leg.

Carr said his leg feels great and that he’s been “running, throwing, jumping, cutting, everything.”

He added that he’s ready to rock and that he did everything from a physical standpoint that his teammates did on Monday and will be ready to do the same going forward. “I feel great… truly blessed that (my injury) wasn’t worse.”

“I keep praying for the guys, that had that same kind of injury that are still going through (the recovery process). I’ve been there, I know how it feels, but they’re still going through it, so I just keep praying for those guys.”

Carr said the best part of this process was getting off the crutches because it allowed him to feel like a human again and walk around, “‘OK, you don’t have to use crutches anymore.'”

“I really took for granted, picking my kids up and taking them to their room, little things like that that make me appreciate what I have so much more as if I didn’t already.”

The recovery process felt long for the “Eyeliner Assassin,” “each day felt like a long day, but we had fun doing it, had great trainers and doctors here, my surgeon, my own doc that I have that flys out. I did absolutely everything I could to make sure that I come back better.

Like Kobe said, ‘Come back better than ever.’

I wanted to make sure that that thing was going to be a non-factor when I started doing things again.”

D.C. said he has no jitters coming off the injury. “No, my wife, I had her tackle me a couple times (laughs), wrestling Khalil Mack, pool basketball, that helped. Get those mental pictures out of your head.”

“You can ask him too, I held him to no points, but we’ll leave that for another time, I’m just kidding.” Derek Carr on playing Pool Basketball with Khalil Mack.

Carr said he’s broken many bones in his life and torn many muscles and ligaments.

“Because it happened at such a dramatic time, because it happened to where I couldn’t play the next couple of games, it’s kind of bigger than it was, it wasn’t hard for me to take that boot off and take that first step, if that helps.”

D.C. said the mental aspect of his recovery was easy for him to deal with because it was “me vs. me, and that’s going to be a win every time.”

Carr said he’s also talked with Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett. “We were keeping each other updated a little bit at the beginning we let each other know ‘I know how it feels,’ praying for each other, those kinds of things.

My prayers are out for (Tennessee Titans Quarterback Marcus) Mariota (suffered a similar injury) I don’t know his timetable and those things, but I know, not being able to walk, not being able to do the things you want to do right away, ‘I can make that cut, or I can make that throw, it just didn’t happen at first,’ you know those are frustrating things, but if anyone knows him let him know that it’ll get better and those throws will get back to how they’re supposed to be.”

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