Ideal Raiders 7-Round Mock On Eve of NFL Draft With Highlights

With the 2017 NFL Draft just hours away I thought I take a stab at my first ever Mock Draft and play the role of Oakland Raiders’ General Manager Reggie McKenzie.  For the purposes of this mock draft I used Fanspeak’s Mock Draft Simulator and positional needs as well as positional rankings and needs from For The Win.  For the most part I selected the best player available in my estimation at a positional need for Oakland.  Those positional needs coming largely on the defensive side of the ball; Cornerback, Linebacker, Defensive Tackle, Running Back, Safety, Offensive Tackle, Tight End, and Slot Receiver.

Let’s begin.


1st Round, #24

Prospect Overview via

“Wilson rose to prominence this year after finishing with three interceptions and allowing fewer than 40 percent of the passes his way to be completed. His size and physicality combined with issues in staying glued to quick receivers could lead him to the safety spot where his instincts, ball skills and willingness to tackle will all serve him well.”

2nd Round, #24

Prospect Overview via

“Jack-of-all trades but master of none, Samuel showed an ability to gain yardage and create scoring opportunities in a variety of ways on a talented Buckeyes offense. However, NFL teams will want to slot him into a more defined role, which is most likely at receiver. He is still learning the position and has separation quickness to create open throwing lanes, but while he’s sharpening his route work, he could find early reps as a kick returner.”

3rd Round, #24

Prospect Overview via

“Big and athletic, he may lack the coverage qualities and instincts needed to work as a “last line of defense” player in a pass-happy division. Melifonwu is an effective downhill tackler who has the ability to match up against tight ends and make a living near the line of scrimmage. His football instincts aren’t up to par, but the size and traits will be extremely enticing for teams who covet traits first.”

4th Round,#22

Prospect Overview via

“Average sized running back who has boasted eye-popping production over last two seasons. McNichols runs with vision and tempo and has experience in a variety of formations, personnel groupings and schemes. McNichols needs work in pass protection and will likely create yardage with wiggle more than power, but he has the ability to contribute on all three downs and could find early work in a committee before challenging for starter’s reps.”

5th Round, #24

Prospect Overview via

“Gedeon has ample size and talent to become an NFL backup at middle linebacker, but his bread will be buttered as a special teams performer as he has the instincts and fearlessness needed to succeed in that area. He can step in and get you through a game at inside linebacker, but his lack of speed and short area quickness could be picked at on the next level.”

6th Round, #24

Prospect Overview via

“Elite size, length and athleticism make Jones an intriguing early round prospect, but history of injuries and concerns over his football character could cause him to fall somewhat. Might have been miscast along the Irish defensive front as his playing style and body type appear to be much more suited further away from the nose spot. Jones’ flashes will be tempting, but his lack of production and even snap count should be an immediate red flag along with the “proceed with caution” whispers coming from inside the program. If he can find consistent motivation, Jones could become a very good NFL starter in any defensive scheme. A true boom-or-bust prospect.”

7th Round, #24

Prospect Overview via

“Several boxes go unchecked for Carraway, but his outstanding athleticism and potential as an edge rusher will provide draft value. His instincts are a long way off and he lacks the functional strength and toughness at the point of attack that most teams require on the edge, but a big combine could heat his draft stock up. He will require patience and much more technique work, but he does possess NFL traits as a developmental prospect.”

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