Once A Little Kid With Big Dreams, Kase Ogata Is Bringing His Talents To The Diamond At Boise State

Rocky Mountain baseball player Kase Ogata pledged his talents to the future Boise State Baseball program on Friday via Twitter by embracing the past and attacking the future:

Ogata and I got in touch shortly after to have him dish for Bronco Nation on his big decision and what new experiences are to come for himself and Bronco Nation.

“It means everything to me. I am truly honored, this is something I have dreamed of as a little kid.”

Boise State’s new slugger says he’s been running around the campus since he was three years old.  His dad was a chiropractor for the school for 14 years.

The Bronco-tradition is strong in the Ogata Family and they have quite the athletic pedigree.  Kase’s father, Ty, was a running back for the football program, his uncle, Jimmy Ellis, was a linebacker who went on to play for the Oakland Raiders, and he also has an uncle and cousin who wrestled for Boise State.

With the Bronco Baseball program still in its formative stages, Kase will play the spring of 2018 at Rocky Mountain before redshirting at Boise State in 2019. The following spring the Bronco Baseball team will hit the diamond for the first time.

“During the redshirt year we will practice, lift, train and get ready for 2020.”

Ogata will likely occupy the corner infield positions when he’s on the diamond for the Broncos (1st and 3rd base), but:

“My bat is my biggest strength to the team,” he says.

As far as intangibles to a baseball program?

“I bring a love and passion for the game. I like leading through example. I bring hard work and a will to win.”

Kase is also looking forward to his new threads.

“The new uniforms are sick, can’t wait to wear them!”

He thinks Bronco fans should be excited about baseball finally being back after 37 years, “the atmosphere is going to be unreal. It will be a great event for families to come enjoy Division 1 baseball right here in Boise.”

Ogata has known his future coach Gary Van Tol for several years since his days with the Idaho Cubs, a developmental baseball program run by Van Tol. “He is an amazing coach with over a decade of professional baseball experience and an even better person. I have so much respect for him and his coaching style.”

As most who follow the game of baseball, or who have played it, know, baseball is a very superstitious sport.

“One superstition I have is always keeping my right pocket out.”

Kase tries to model his game after Robinson Cano, “just because he is so smooth,” and Aaron Judge, “because he is a great person on and off the field and also his swing is unreal.”

His goal for his time in Boise: “Simple, to win a Mountain West championship and to go on to the College World Series.”

Kase Ogata’s stats last season according to MaxPreps: .370 batting average, .441 on-base percentage, .493 slugging percentage, .935 on-base+slugging, 1.000 fielding percentage.


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